Seattle Startups to Watch in 2020


In Seattle, new businesses are born all the time. Companies of all shapes and sizes arise that offer many kinds of products and services. Startups are a way of life. Some of them are on the rise and are worth watching. 


Our look at 40+ Seattle startups to watch has the inside scoop on the city’s most exciting startup companies. We include available financial information and engage in examinations of each company’s goals and attitudes. This guide helps you get the relevant details on Seattle’s startup community leaders and shows you which firms are breakout startup superstars.




from left to right Founders Val & Breezy Griffith and Co-founders Chrissy Haller and Lizzie Resta
SkinnyDipped sells healthy chocolate treats.


Sweet treats are a temptation for all of us, but candies come with a health cost. Chocolate and other delicious snacks are often high in sugar and low in protein, and when we overindulge, it impacts our wellbeing.


SkinnyDipped takes the attitude that sweets don’t have to lead to ill health. The company offers a line of chocolate almonds that are low in sugar and high in protein, and they’re also non-GMO and gluten-free. This privately-held company was founded in 2014 and grows daily.




Unikrn logo
Unikrn makes esports betting worry-free.


In today’s entertainment landscape, esports is big business. Video game competitions with pros make individuals and companies fortunes. But betting on esports can be a dicey proposition, and it’s often difficult to find a safe and trustworthy venue in which to enjoy the esports experience.


Unikrn aims to provide esports newcomers and fans with a legal and safe place to game, gather, and bet on their favorite players and teams. Unikrn employees are all gamers themselves who see Unikrn as an avenue toward increasing passion for and engagement with esports.




Evrnu model wearing hoodie
Evrnu transforms discarded clothing into performance gear.


Evrnu is a textile innovations company that aims to transform the global textile industry by unlocking the full potential of the world’s existing natural resources. The firm invented a new kind of engineered fiber called NuCycl, which converts old cotton garments into high quality materials for the creation of new clothing with performance and environmental advantages. As part of the adidas x Stella McCartney 2019 performance apparel collection, Evrnu collaborated on an Infinite Hoodie using the NuCycl technology. The company received $9.1M in Series A funding in October 2019.




Record360 logo

Record360 offers mobile and web apps that help streamline vehicle and equipment rentals.


Record360 provides the world with simple tools that build confidence and trust. The company’s web and mobile apps help equipment and vehicle rental companies document asset conditions and streamline processes. Their products reduce damage disputes and improve customer service.


Record360 was founded in 2013. The firm has received three rounds of funding and netted $500K in its last round, which took place in 2017.




Co-Founder & CEO Todd Heine and Co-Founder & COO Sara Itucas
Legalpad helps to change the work visa process from a chore to a snap.


Legalpad has a mission to connect global talent with opportunity. They focus on making the work visa process easy and promise guaranteed approval.


Legalpad was founded in 2017 and has netted three rounds of funding. In the last round, they raised $10M in Series A in January 2020. This fast-on-the-rise company has various job openings across marketing, sales, and operations.




Migo team photo
Migo makes transportation choices simple.


Migo serves up a full spectrum of on-demand transportation choices on a single screen. Because the company includes real-time price and wait time estimates, there’s no need to switch between apps to get the best and most convenient ride.


Migo focuses on transparency and honesty and provides an open environment to invite input about the business. 


The firm was founded in 2016. It has received three rounds of funding. They obtained $9M in the last round in 2018. team photo provides TV ad data analytics to improve sales. is the leader in real-time TV ad data and analytics. The firm measures ad activity at scale and from more than ten million smart screens.’s attention analytics measure viewer retention and connect ad impressions with web, app, and other first-party data.


The company was founded in 2012. They have received four funding rounds and most recently netted $20M in Series C funding in 2018.’s office culture offers remodeling and construction contracting to the greater Seattle area. is a team of construction and technology innovators. The firm builds projects ranging from custom houses to multiroom remodels, and they work behind the scenes to ensure that they identify and eliminate every obstacle that impacts construction productivity.


The company was founded in 2013 and relentlessly pursues the best solutions for their customers. has pulled in five rounds of funding and most recently received $33M in Series B funding in 2019.




Co-Founder & CEO Connor Folley and Co-Founder Salim Hamed
Downstream helps businesses maximize their Amazon search presence.


Amazon is one of the largest and most influential sales platforms around today, and companies that use Amazon often find themselves buried in a sea of competitors. To get noticed, businesses need a way to improve the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and stand out.


Downstream was founded by Amazon veterans who understand how to get under the sales giant’s hood and make ad campaigns have a real impact. The company uses automation to manage, scale, and optimize Amazon search advertising campaigns. The company was founded in 2017 and has received three rounds of funding.




Highspot team photo
Highspot aims to help companies increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


Highspot offers a sales enablement platform that empowers companies to elevate customer conversations to drive strategic growth. Highspot’s product combines intelligent content management, contextual guidance, training, actionable analytics, and customer engagement.


Highspot delivers a unified buying experience and helps businesses reach the next level. The company was founded in 2012 and has undergone six funding rounds. They received $75M in Series D funding in their last round in December 2019.




Gamesight logo

Gamesight helps you find the marketing channels and influencers that make your games a success.


Gamesight empowers game publishers and developers to build strong communities, engage the most effective influencers, and measure performance. Their platform provides data to help companies optimize marketing spend, including by helping game publishers identify, target, and activate the right influencers.


The company was founded on the principle of giving studios and publishers much-needed data solutions. 




Loftium team photo
Loftium helps working families find and pay for their dream rentals.


Loftium is a fast-growing technology company that uses Airbnb to provide innovative new paths to affordable housing. The company is nimble and capable, and they thrive in a fast-paced and experiment-driven environment. 


Loftium strives to provide affordable rentals to working families in ten major cities, including Seattle, Chicago, and Atlanta. They have over 600 properties and many happy customers. The firm places a premium on learning, experimentation, and results.


Volt Athletics


Volt model wearing merchandise
Volt gives every athlete access to the same training programs professionals use.


Volt dedicates itself to making elite-level workouts available to everyone through cutting-edge technology. The business’ technology is powered by Cortex and its revolutionary performance-training AI. Volt is trusted by more than 250,000 coaches and athletes worldwide.


Volt provides hyper-personalized workout recommendations and adjusts each workout as the user progresses. The firm has received five funding rounds and recently pulled in $1.1M in financing in December 2019.




TRED logo

TRED provides users with a trusted way to buy and sell pre-owned cars. 


TRED’s mission is to combine the best of buying and selling a car at a dealership with the advantages that buying and selling on the private market has to offer. The firm has a large network of trusted buyers and sellers and the most advanced technology and financing options.




GritLink founders, Joan Studley and Cortney Jacobsen

GritLink aims to connect endurance athletes with support to keep them healthy and ready for competition.


Endurance sports athletes must have dedication and engage in constant self-care to remain in top shape. But, finding the right medical treatment and health information can be a challenge.


GritLink’s mission is to provide endurance athletes with a network that allows them to connect with top healthcare professionals. GritLink members log onto the platform and locate providers based on factors such as their sport, health concern, insurance accepted, and more. Members also have access to a curated library of educational content about endurance and adventure sports to help them develop their training programs.  


Standpoint Software


Standpoint Software logo

Standpoint focuses on health technology to give physicians the right tools.


Standpoint helps hospital physicians to see causation and exert influence on improving hospital care performance, which leads to hospital quality improvements and reduced cost of care. The company’s groundbreaking hospital care performance market network, ETHoS, assists physicians in arriving at optimal, value-based care decisions. 


Over time, hospitals that use ETHoS save millions in operating expenses and see increased annual profit margins. Their management of care performance variations unearths incentive opportunities to construct programs centered on the physician’s mindset to patient care, treatment quality, and costs.




Rainway team photo
Rainway aims to allow users to play PC games whenever and wherever they wish.


Rainway uses game-streaming technology to allow users to play PC games on any platform and at any time. Their mission is to enable PC gamers around the world to have the gaming experiences they desire, no matter which screen they use. The company is committed to breaking down barriers that keep gamers from playing the media they own.


The Rainway gaming service is available on iOS, Android, and the web, and Rainway is looking to further boost the service’s presence. 


The business was founded in 2017 and has netted two funding rounds. The last round, in 2018, raised $1.5M in seed money.


Rebellyous Foods


Rebellyous Foods product

Rebellyous strives to improve planetary health by providing plant-based meat to customers.


Rebellyous Foods believes that everyone should have access to plant-based food. The firm designs new equipment and processes to help reduce the cost of plant-based meats and make them available to customers at a low cost. 


The mechanical engineering expertise that Rebellyous brings to the table helps them build scalability and efficiency into the production process. Rebellyous wants to change an ingrained status quo, and their team of engineers, creatives, and scientists all work toward a shared mission that motivates all of them.




Glowforge printer
Glowforge lets anyone print custom objects quickly and easily.


Glowforge helps people create millions of beautiful things. Their printers make it possible for anyone to create products like wallets, picture frames, and furniture from leather, wood, and other materials. The company helps individuals and businesses develop custom products.


Glowforge’s product meets an increasing demand and aims to change the way people think about creativity. The firm was founded in 2014 and has received six funding rounds. Their investors include JOANN. 




Suplari team photo
Suplari connects to disparate data and automates analysis.


Suplari’s mission is to make it easy for teams to make faster and better financial and strategic decisions. They connect data and analysis automation, and they enable collaboration and accountability. Suplari has a customer-first and agility mindset.


Suplari enables teams to achieve financial and strategic goals and improve productivity through Sulpari’s proactive optimization recommendations. The company was founded in 2016 and has received three rounds of funding. Their last funding came from a Series A round in 2019.




 Jargon team photo
Jargon focuses on voice applications for digital assistants.


Digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming ubiquitous in the business community, and Jargon plans to help users get the most out of them. The firm empowers teams to author and manage robust and simple-to-use voice applications.


Jargon provides a seamlessly integrative and flexible solution. The company provides multilingual support and localization tools to help customers reach new markets. 


The company was founded in 2017 and has netted two funding rounds. Most recently, they received $1.8M in seed money in March 2019.




Armoire team photo
Armoire is changing the way women dress.


Armoire is a leading subscription clothing rental service revolutionizing the apparel business. The firm uses a combination of stylists, technology, and personalization to customize closets, with options for all stages of life. They provide everyday styling for professional women.


The company makes women’s lives easier with a more efficient and cost-effective way to dress. Armoire was founded in 2016 and has pulled in six funding rounds. The most recent funding came in May 2019.




Likewise team photo
Likewise helps you find the best TV shows, movies, books, podcasts, and more.


Likewise offers an app that serves as a central platform to help people discover, curate, and share recommendations on travel, dining, TV, movies, and other entertainment. Their app helps people quickly find and save recommendations from family, friends, and trusted sources. 


Likewise does away with anonymous star reviews and unwanted rants. The app maintains a positive environment and provides quality recommendations tailored to each user’s preferences.


The Likewise app is funded by Bill Gates, who also played a role in developing the product. 




Dog playing with PupPod product
PupPod makes quality food puzzles and pet products that use technology to improve your dog’s life.


PupPod works off of the notion that dogs are smart and dog products are dumb. Software-driven hardware has the potential to automate your dog’s learning process and capture extensive data at the same time to improve future products. PupPod’s products connect to smartphones to help you monitor your dog’s dinnertime and make it an educational experience.


The company’s first-party products connect to the PupPod platform and community in much the same manner as Echo devices connect to Amazon’s Alexa platform. 


PupPod was founded in 2015 and has received two funding rounds, with the most recent one netting them $772K in seed money in January 2019.




Kurvv’s office
Kurvv aims to develop machine learning that functions without code or math.

Kurvv’s goal is to create machine learning and AI that anyone can use. The company believes that engineers and data scientists aren’t the only ones who benefit from machine learning. The company offers machine learning without the headaches.


Kurvv is full of employees who have worked with AI and machine learning for years. Their background taught them that people with deep industry experience coupled with a sound grasp of data science skills outperform people with deep data science skills but less industry experience. 




Uplevel team photo
Uplevel is an engineering effectiveness platform ready to offer scaling solutions for businesses.


Uplevel leverages organizational science and machine learning to champion behavior change with coaching, insights, and actions integrated into daily workflow. All of Uplevel’s engineering services are based on best practices, and they utilize data from resources as diverse as calendar, project management tools, and more.


The company believes that a data-driven work culture encourages team innovation. Uplevel was founded in 2018 and received $7.5M seed money in its initial funding round in 2018.


Sentinel Healthcare


Sentinel’s founders
Sentinel enhances care for hypertension and chronic disease via remote monitoring.


Sentinel is a digital healthcare company that takes aim at chronic diseases and the current hypertension (high blood pressure) epidemic. Their remote monitoring products keep patients in touch with their caregivers and help to improve their quality of life and overall health. 


Sentinel partners with other healthcare companies to monitor patients with hypertension and offer clinical recommendations to them. 


Sentinel  advertises that the products and services they offer cut the time it takes to achieve blood pressure control as the care standard from 18–24 months to as little as ten weeks. 


The company received $2M in seed money in its initial funding round in 2017.




98point6 team in a meeting
98point6 leads the pack toward a new approach to primary care.


98point6 pairs deep technology with board-certified physicians to make primary care more accessible and affordable. The firm meets consumers where they are and offers private, text-based diagnoses and mobile treatment via smartphone apps. Their approach has the aim to lead to better health and reduce the overall cost of care. 


98point6 hopes to aid employers as well by increasing primary care utilization among those not actively engaged in their health. 


The company was founded in 2015 and has received four funding rounds. They most recently pulled in $50M in Series C funding in 2018.




TomboyX founders
TomboyX is a gender-neutral underwear and loungewear brand.


TomboyX takes aim at gender-specific clothing and offers fashions suitable for both men and women. The brand started as a passion project in collaboration between founders Fran Dunaway and her wife Naomi Gonzalez to create the perfect button-up shirt. It now provides the first gender-neutral boxer brief.


The company focuses on fit and quality and promises to help every person feel comfortable in their own skin. 


TomboyX was founded in 2012 and has netted five rounds of funding. Their last round raised $18M in Series B funding in May 2019.




CityBldr team photo
CityBldr helps users leverage AI to power their acquisitions.


CityBldr works with experienced developers, builders, engineers, architects, appraisers, city planners, contractors, consultants, and brokers to collate real estate development data. They use machine learning and disparate data sources to more accurately appraise property. 


CityBldr specializes in building relationships with professionals involved in the process of buying and selling development sites.


CityBldr was founded in 2016 and has undergone four funding rounds. In their most recent round, in 2018, they received $4.3M in seed money.




Subscale logo

Subscale helps produce precision parts quickly, reducing cost.


Mission-critical precision parts shouldn’t take weeks or months. Subscale’s technology combines physics simulation with AI, for rapid manufacturing without sacrificing quality or material properties. Subscale brings a customer-first mindset to manufacturing, providing transparency and fast delivery of high-precision parts, produced domestically. In the spring of 2019, the company raised a $7M seed round led by 8VC.


First Metals


First Metals product
First Metals offers a high tech-driven process for sheet metal part production.


First Metals is a sheet-metal fabrication and supply company that looks to lead the way in efficiency and project support. The company employs experts in the field and works to keep construction projects on time and within budget.


First Metals works with individuals and companies across Washington State and puts forward a policy of providing a personal touch and prompt service. The company was founded in 2018.




Nori team photo
Nori aims to reverse climate change through carbon removal.


Nori’s team believes that climate change caused by carbon emissions is a massive threat to the world. They formed the company with the goal of finding a way to make reducing carbon emissions not only simple but profitable. They endeavor to create a carbon marketplace that works and helps businesses and people succeed.


Nori believes that their concept for carbon removal makes climate control and rehabilitation an achievable goal. The company was founded in 2017 and has received two rounds of funding. In their last funding round in January 2020, Nori pulled in $1.3M in pre-seed money.




FlavorCloud team photo
FlavorCloud wants to enable every brand to become a global brand.


FlavorCloud offers an “anywhere to anywhere” service to improve international shipping approaches. Their product allows for one-click checkout and incorporates seamlessly into retailer carts. 


FlavorCloud allows companies to use their customs engine to automate product classification and real-time duties and taxes. 


The logistics sector can seem out of date and splintered, but FlavorCloud hopes to modernize the process.




TerraClear team on the field
TerraClear makes picking up rocks easy and automated.


TerraClear wants to aid farmers in creating new and better approaches to field management. The company currently develops technology to revolutionize the process of rock removal from fields.


TerraClear integrates machine vision and GPS to make their automated rock-picking solution accurate and easy to use. 


This company was founded in 2017 and has received two rounds of funding. Their last round, in May 2019, netted them $6.1M in seed money. team photo’s APIs are simple to use and improve user experience. (formerly aims to add real-time conversations to meetings without requiring users to give voice commands. The company develops text and voice APIs (application programming interfaces) that they hope will improve business–user relations and will give clients added information and power. was founded in 2018 and received $1.8M in seed money in its only funding round.


Pulse Labs


Pulse Labs team photo
Pulse Labs provides insights, measurements, and research for voice technology.


Pulse Labs develops voice apps and looks at ways to improve every step of  the process. Their testing platform examines and analyzes voice interactions. Their approach toward multimodal and voice analysis aims to put the customer first.


Pulse Labs was founded in 2017. It has netted three funding rounds. The last round in 2018 provided them with $2.5M in seed money.




Amperity team photo
Amperity knows its customers, uses insight to decide how best to engage them, and serves them personalized interactions.


Amperity is a customer data and identity platform that helps companies of all sizes manage customer information more effectively. The firm’s use of cloud-scale and machine learning improves identity resolution.


Amperity works with enterprise-level businesses, like Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, and Gap. The firm was founded in 2016 and has pulled in three rounds of funding. Their last round, in July 2019, provided them with $50M in Series C funding.




CardTapp CEO Ben Brashen
CardTapp aims to be your tireless digital assistant.


CardTapp brings a new approach to managing referrals. The firm’s platform allows customers to leverage devices, and its referral system uses modern methods to improve customer relationship management.


CardTapp’s digital assistant is simple to integrate and works with many marketing automation tools. 


The company was founded in 2012 and has undergone five funding rounds. The last round was in 2018 and brought in $612.5K in Series A funding.




Apptentive team photo
Apptentive measures shifts in sentiment from customer experience to win back consumers.


Consumer voices often go unheard and get lost in the crowd. Apptentive wants to help businesses listen to those voices. It aims to create new and more effective tools for emotion and feedback acquisition.


Apptentive’s clients include, JetBlue, Zillow, and Capital One. The company was founded in 2011. It has received seven rounds of funding. In their most recent round, in 2018, Apptentive received $5.6M in Series B funding.


tinyBuild GAMES


tinyBuild homepage

tinyBuild is made up of game lovers who partner with indie developers to provide funding and more.


tinyBuild is an indie developer that knows how tough it can be for game designers to see profit from their creations. tinyBuild has partnered with other independent game developers since 2013. The company acts as a publishing partner to help bring games to the marketplace.


tinyBuild works with game designers to produce games for multiple platforms, including PS4, XBox One, and Steam. The firm is rapidly building stellar relationships with other developers and a large portfolio of games. 




Upbound’s logo
Upbound helps companies run, scale, and optimize services across multiple cloud environments.


Upbound wants to make multi-cloud service support accessible and easy to use. The firm believes that using multiple cloud providers shouldn’t prevent data from moving where it’s needed.


Upbound hopes to fill an underserved niche in cloud support. The company was established in 2017 and brought in $9M in Series A funding in its only round.


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