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Seattle is a tech wonderland, with cutting-edge concepts and exciting influencers. To make the most out of your studies and find the right path, it’s crucial to have as much information as you can get about the job landscape in the city. Knowing the top tech careers in Seattle gives you a leg up and provides you with a blueprint for your training. If you get a line on the best tech careers, your stay in Seattle, pacific northwest, becomes a profitable and rewarding one.


Never fear, intrepid techie. We have the info to turn your unfocused training into a solid plan. Our guide looks at the tech careers in Seattle and shows you which fields pay well and offer plenty of job opportunities. You find out all about salaries for mobile developers, web programmers, systems administrators, and network engineers, as we compare the local wages to the national average as listed by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. With our guidance, your next job search is sure to be a short and successful one.


Mobile Developer


A person holds a mobile phone in hand
Get paid to keep our pocket gizmos current and edgy.


There are plenty of tech skills in demand in Seattle, and the ability to program for mobile platforms is near the top of the list. Mobile apps dominate the business landscape and provide customers with quick and easy ways to shop, access money, and interact with media. Seattle needs as many mobile developers as they can get their hands on and the city pays well to keep them. Mobile programmers make upwards of $108K a year in Seattle, which is $3K over the national average.


To be a star mobile coder, pick up all the languages you can. Popular codes like Python, Java, and CSS come in handy for all programmers and are worth studying. Learn the top mobile languages like Objective-C, C++, and C#, too. Get comfortable working with user experience and user interface and system design, and create a few mobile apps on your own to give yourself some experience and evidence of your skills. Some of the education requirements for being a mobile developer is to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or being a systems engineer.  


Web Programmer


A person writes a program
Show that code who’s in charge, and make a pretty penny.


Seattle companies rely on their web presence to bolster their bottom lines and keep themselves afloat. Web programming makes advances every day as last year’s site becomes slow and clunky in a hurry. If you can make the web jump through your hoops and do what you want, consider a career in web development. The job pays well in Seattle— local developers with no experience average $7K over the national rate of about $70K a year.


It comes as no surprise that web programmers need to have lots of experience working with different languages. Brush up on HTML, CSS, Python, and Perl to get started in a career as a web developer. Get to know the development cycle inside and out, as it guides and manages your team’s work and ensures that you all reach your goal. And the more math you study, the more well-equipped you are for the job.


Systems Administrator


A storage array
Keep the servers in line for fat stacks.


Servers are everywhere nowadays. It’s rare to run across a company, even of the mom-and-pop variety, that doesn’t have a server or three in their building to manage file storage, email, and other business necessities. Seattle pays its sysadmins generously and sends them home with an average annual salary of $68K, which is $12K below the national rate. If you like to fix things and have a knack around computers, take a look at a career as a systems administrator.


When working with servers, operating system knowledge is the name of the game. Bone up on Windows, MacOS, and especially Linux, which you use daily as a sysadmin. Ubuntu and Red Hat are popular Linux flavors, and expertise in either one makes you an attractive job prospect. Study database languages like SQL and MySQL to round yourself out and compete for the best gigs.


Network Engineer


Close-up shot of a network switch
Every business needs help keeping the emails and apps zipping along.


Servers, websites, and mobile apps all require network access to allow them to function. Seattle companies wither and die without reliable and secure network infrastructures, and if you know how to manage those networks, you have a skill set they pay out the nose to acquire. Network engineers in Seattle make $86K or more a year, compared to a national average salary of $82K. It’s an ideal profession for mechanically minded tech-heads.


To become a top network admin, focus on picking up certifications and training. Sun and Cisco are two of the major network equipment and services providers, and they both offer robust educational programs to give you both practical experience and exposure to network environments. Develop your Linux skills to make you even more valuable and put you head and shoulders above other applicants.


And that’s how it goes, friendos. Seattle offers a rich environment for techies and hosts tons of businesses who want to tap your brain and put you to work. Our guide shows you the Seattle tech careers that provide amazing pay and lots of job openings. 


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